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News & thoughts from our escorts in Moscow

Our ladies are really interesting. For this reason, we think that you will like if they share with you their own thoughts, stories and news about their escort service and personal experiences.

In this place our beautiful escorts in Moscow will open their hearts and mind to let you know private information. Doing such a thing, you will know them deeply and will be able to select better your next date.

We hope you find this news interesting. If you want us to write about any topic you love, please contact us and we will take your opinion into account.


A young escort in Moscow dressing up as school girl

I am going to share with you most memorable sexual experience of my life. It happened last Christmas when I got a call from my customer to dress up as a hot school girl.

It was first time I was playing a hot school girl. So, I bought a skimpy skirt along with white t-shirt online and waited patiently for my date.

I just kept looking at him as I opened the door. My client was about 6 feet tall, with broad shoulders, well build muscle and a face to die for. Seriously, he looked like a royal price. Like a good escort, I made him a drink on arrival. His eyes were fixed on my bosom all the time. I flushed with excitement as he did this. He asked me to sit next to him. I did as he told me.

With a mischievous look in his eyes, the guy caressed my back gently. His hands after some time went inside my t-shirt and before I could say something, he unhooked my bra and ran his hands on my bare back. I felt so good that I wanted him to continue forever. I just got lost in moment and close my eyes.

When he saw me completely lost in excitement, my prince lifted me gently and put me to bed. He unbuttoned my t-shirt, removed my skirt and took off his clothes too. His lips touched mine and both of us were in fire like passionate lovers meeting after a long time.

He fondled my bosom gently while locking lips with mine. I hold him tight in my arms to show him how much I love his moves. After indulging in heavy kissing, the guy fastened his lips on my bosom. Every time his lips touched my soft nipples, I felt sensation between my legs.

While his lips moved feverishly over my breasts, his right hand move towards my pussy. He caressed it so gently that I started sweating heavily. My client moved down further while kissing and landed on my soft navel. I moaned with excitement as he bit on it and yelled with full volume as he rolled his tongue on my pussy. I started sweating heavily and in excitement spread my legs wide open so that he can make me a complete woman.

My client obliged me too. He put my legs on his shoulders and rotated his cock in all directions while his hands squeezed my bosom. Soon, he ejaculated inside my body. But, still he was not satisfied. He looked deep into my eyes and fastened his lips on mine while pushing his cock inside my body. He kept doing this till he ejaculated and lied down next me.

The sex was so good that both of us went to a deep sleep after some hours. I saw him packing up when I woke up. It was quite early morning. I made him a quick breakfast before leaving. He gave me a goodbye kiss and promised to visit me back.


An African Politician with an escort in Moscow

I was used to dating a European, East Asian, American, Indian and our own Russian men. But, I never ever slept with a black man. My friends told me that sex with black man is marvelous. He is the best lover among all men. I really wished of dating a black African man. One day, the opportunity came to my door. A Nigerian politician booked me for a dinner date. I arrived for the event wearing a sexy white gown. My client kept looking at me for some minutes. He was completely mesmerized with my beauty. He greeted me with a kiss on my hand as he looked romantically in my eyes. He told me that he had come to Moscow for business purposes as well as wanted to have some fun with beautiful Escort Moscow. My client was quite tall having thin and lean body. We hit out at his apartment to have some tender moments. As the apartment door was shut, my client gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. He unzipped my gown while kissing and I removed his shirt to get a feel of his body. He lay me down on his bed and kept looking at my body for some minutes. Then, he sat beside me and ran his hands over my soft navel. Before I could react, he put his hand beneath my panty and inserted his middle finger in my vagina. He rotated it from all possible angels. I started sweating and moaned with excitement. Looking me at heat, my client sealed my mouth with a deep kiss. Both of us closed our eyes and continued locking lips for some moments. From lips he poured down kisses over my neck while his hands unhooked my bra. He ran his hands over my bare back for a while and then fastened his lips on my bosom. Unlike most of men, he sucked my nipples for a longer duration. For at least half an hour, he continued playing with my bosom. In-between he kissed my neck and lips too. When he was done with foreplay, he spread my legs to insert himself on me. But, before going for that, he showed me his huge black cock. As I touched it, I couldn’t resist the temptation of playing with it. I opened my mouth and took his cock deep inside my mouth. I kept on sucking it till it ejaculated inside my mouth. After that, he spread my legs wide open and inserted his cock inside my body. He moved at constant speed and continued till he ejaculated inside my body. Both of us went to deep sleep as he sated me completely. He thanked me for such a wonderful sex as he woke up and then move back to his life. I was happy that I had a chance of having sex with black man which I really desire.


Best Evening Hours for an escort in Moscow

Usually men booked us for evening time to relax after working tirelessly in office. One day a banker arrived in my apartment to have fun with me. He told me that he desperately needed a break from working and wanted to go outside with me. I took him to pub where he loosened up himself after some drinks. He told me how much he adored travelling but his busy schedule didn’t allow him to do so. The guy was single, lonely and desperately wanted a girlfriend. For some time, I kept listening to his thoughts so that he can enlighten himself with heart to heart talk. As an escort, we are trained to turn a lonely, depressed person into a happy one. In-fact, most Escort Moscow deal these types of men on daily basis. He was one of them. When he had done with emotional talk, I fondled his hair to show how much I care about him. I was acting like his real girlfriend. He understood my emotional and cried in whole public. He told me no one has treated him with such care except his dead mother. To calm him, I took him to my apartment where I surprised him with my love skills. I gave him a passionate kiss as the apartment door was shut. He got in motion quickly and pushed me to bed. Within a minute, he took off his clothes and unzipped my dress too. He embraced me tightly in arms and kissed me passionately on lips moving down over to my neck. He kissed all over my neck and then fastened his lips on my bosom. He was now really in motion and continued kissing my lips, bosom and neck feverishly. It was as if he wanted to forget every bad thing that happened to him while making love to me. He kissed them for a while till he move down further over my navel. He spread my legs wide open and rolled his tongue over my pussy. I moaned with excitement when he did this to me and started feeling wet in vagina. Then, he gently lay me down on bed, spread me legs wide open and inserted his cock inside my body. I got pretty much excited, in-fact my body was not in my control as his dick went further and further inside my vagina. I sweat with excitement and embraced him tightly in my arms. He kept on doing it till both of us achieved our orgasms at the same time. I loved his big cock when he withdrew it from my body. I requested him to hold for a minute and then took it in my mouth. He giggled like a child when I sucked his cock and soon he cum inside my mouth. I went to bathroom to wash my mouth. When I came back, he was preparing to leave. He thanked me for such a lovely time and promised me to visit again for whenever he felt lonely.


Sex story
A night with an Adult Movie Director
It was the best sexual experience Escort Moscowof my life. I felt fortunate to spend night with a leading Hollywood director who expertise in flaunting woman curves. He booked me for a romantic dinner date cum love service. I arrived in his hotel restaurant on time. The guy pulled out a chair like a true gentleman as I arrived in the restaurant. We had an interesting conversation over dinner about movies, awards and celebrities gossips. Best thing is that he told me everything about Hollywood celebrities’ affair, casting couches and untold stories which I haven’t heard before. After dinner, we went to his hotel suite to have more fun. The guy requested me to take a shower, as he wanted to see me sexy wet. I obliged him and came out of shower wearing a sexy bath robe. I wore nothing except undergarments beneath my bath robe. The director took me to his bedroom and made me sit there. He admired my beauty for some time till he fondled my lovely hair. He came beside me and kissed me passionately on lips. It was an awesome experience when he kissed me passionately on lips. He looses the tie of my bath robe and gently laid me on the bed. He ran his hands all over my body from top to bottom. I got pretty much excited when he gave me a full body massage. Then, he came on top of me and kissed me passionately on the lips. Our kiss was pure magical and we kept our lips locked for some time. He lifted me in his arms and rolled his tongue all over my long neck. While kissing, he unbuttoned my bra and fastened his lips on my soft bosom. He kept on sucking my tits till my nipples became erected hard. While doing this, he turned me upside down and kissed my bare back feverishly. He kept kissing my back while his hands juggled my bosom. For some time, he ran his hands over my butt and spread my legs wide open. His dick slipped like molten butter inside my body. He kept moving his dick in all directions till he ejaculated inside my body. After that, the director went to a deep sleep beside me. I saw him writing feverishly as I woke up. I put my arms around his shoulder and saw him writing a sex scene. He smiled at me and told me that he was stuck in midway of writing a story and decided to visit escort to get some idea while making love. He thanked me a lot for getting him over the mind block about his script. In-fact, he promised me to consider me for a suitable role in his movie in future. I jumped with excitement when he said this and gave him a warm kiss on the lips. After that, the guy went back to his artistic world. I hope he consider his option and launch me in his movie. It would be dream come true for me. I wish it became true.