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Work as escort in Moscow with us

Girls who enjoy going on date with handsome guys have golden opportunity of fulfilling their hobby becoming the best escorts in Moscow. As a courtesan, you will date finest men in Russia and enjoy their masculinity once you get close with them. Not only you will satisfy their desires; but also earn handsomely too. In-fact, you will be paid more than any boring office job.

What you need to do is to send us some of your beautiful pictures specifying your height, weight and little bit description about yourself. Once we got this information, we will call you for personal interview where you would be asked about questions regarding your liking, how can you impress men, why you want to work as an escort in Moscow, etc. Once you got selected, you will be given initial training for some days about how to behave like an elegant lady while going out, how to be loving and caring when your men is in sour mood and finally how to satisfy him in bed so that he visit you again in his free time. Overall, you will be given training in how to seduce men; which will be beneficial not only for your profession but on personal front too. In case, you are an independent escort or working for other escort agency; you can immediately work as professional escort if you get recruited in our agency.

So, if you are an aspiring model, actor, fresh out of college and in early twenties, just send us your lovely photos so that you can be a part of our glamorous life.